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Business & Process Discovery

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Standardization & Process Optimization

Prime Vector works collaboratively alongside your team to visualize and prioritize your business processes and uses your
leadership’s feedback to target your largest process improvement opportunities


Flexible Managed Services

Prime Vector brings instant capacity to bear with a team of analysts to address short-term or medium-term gaps in
client capacity, in areas such as data analysis, invoice processing, and remote process support.


Data Analysis, KPIs, Dashboards

Prime Vector facilitates data-driven decision making through data analysis, setting performance metrics that enable
performance and using visual management tools such as desktop or mobile dashboards.

Prime Vector documents the repeatable processes of your business in the form of operating procedures, checklists, and
forms, in any language. In doing so, we standardize your processes, capture intellectual property, create benchmarks for continuous improvement, and facilitate training and scale.

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Process Optimization Continuous Improvement

Prime Vector utilizes principles of continuous improvement, Lean Sigma and Kaizen to capture the innovation of your
organization, driving the unceasing progress of your business operations.


Process Implementation & Change Management

Our mission is to empower teams to use process discovery to drive standardization, optimization and change management with engaging training to implement exceptional, sustainable and scalable value. 

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