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Think of process excellence, before automation.

"Many conference speakers and webinars have discussed robotic process automation and artificial intelligence for business leaders. The presenters often seem to compete against each other for command of minute technical details of data cleansing, data concepts and the nuances of big data. The business leaders leave confused, thinking, “How can artificial intelligence help my business, and how do I get started?”

Tomorrow’s economy will almost certainly include the widespread application of robotic process automation. Having solid processes will be a prerequisite in the same manner that today’s physical robot putting a windshield on a car needs a human — who has done it manually — to tell the robot what to do. " - Excerpt, Power of Lean Process - Erik Young

“How can artificial intelligence help my business, and how do I get started?”

To take a step forward, sometimes we need to take a step back. Before investing in transformational technology like robot process automation, we need to lay the foundation for process excellence.

Going through the journey of laying that foundation begins with process mining, opportunity identification if you will. By applying lean principles and documentation of your processes that include value stream mapping, we can then paint a picture of the opportunities that exist for improvement, and hopefully, automation.

Using a firm like Prime Vector, provides a neutral and unbiased set of examinations to help determine where the opportunities for improvement align with organizational goals. If you are exploring opportunities for improvement, or would love to see value stream mapping and how it can help your organization, let's setup a chat about your Discovery Workshop today; a no cost, 2-4 hour block to help you identify areas of improvement.


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