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Repeatable Processes, Perfected

Prime Vector innovates repeatable processes to help organizations operate better.


Prime Vector applies Lean principles to your organization's processes to carve a path toward continuous improvement and intelligent automation. 


Our team is comprised of lean practitioners, technologists, and data scientists that are at the forefront of process optimization. We are well equipped to support any process transformation from identification to automation. 



Prime Vector improves operational processes

to optimize performance


How we do it

We bring skills and capacity to own or augment

your continuous improvement journey

What we focus on

Process discovery and opportunity prioritization

Process mapping and documentation

Continuous process  improvement

Process training

Process management through dashboards and KPIs

How would you answer these questions?

  1. ​Are your operations capabilities keeping pace with your growth?​

  2. Is your leadership team focused on innovation and strategy rather than execution?​

  3. Do you systemically address team innovation and incorporate it into your business process?​

  4. Do you fight fires when defects occur? (Or do you systemically improve systems so defects are not repeated?)

What do your answers mean?

If you can't confidently answer “YES” to each question, schedule a Discovery Workshop with Prime Vector to start on your path to process and performance improvement. Complete the contact form to request a convenient time. 


Do you have a process ripe for optimization or automation? 

Our Discovery Workshops provide a no obligation opportunity to learn how Prime Vector can help.

Prime Vector- Business and process discovery

Business & Process

Prime Vector works collaboratively alongside your team to visualize and prioritize your business processes and uses your leadership’s feedback to target your largest process improvement opportunities.

Prime Vector Standardization & Process Optimization

Standardization & Process Optimization

Prime Vector documents the repeatable processes of your business in the form of operating procedures, checklists, and forms, in any language. In doing so, we standardize your processes, capture intellectual property, create benchmarks for continuous improvement, and facilitate training and scale.

Prime Vector Data Analysis, KPIs, Dashboards

Data Analysis, KPIs, Dashboards

Prime Vector facilitates data-driven decision making through data analysis, setting performance metrics that enable performance and using visual management tools such as desktop or mobile dashboards.

Prime Vector Process Optimization Continuous Improvement

Process Optimization Continuous Improvement

Prime Vector utilizes principles of continuous improvement, Lean Sigma and Kaizen to capture the innovation of your organization, driving the unceasing progress of your business operations.

Prime Vector Process Implementation & Change Management

Process Implementation & Change Management

Our mission is to empower teams to use process discovery to drive standardization, optimization and change management with engaging training to implement exceptional, sustainable and scalable value. 

Level Up From the Inside Out

How Leveraging Operational Excellence Can Drive Holistic Growth: Allow Prime Vector to show you how operational excellence can drive KPIs — such as product and service quality, customer satisfaction, speed to market and cycle time, and regulatory compliance — across your organization. Our team presents a limited number of workshops each year. Please reach out to request more information.



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Erik Young-Prime Vector

Erik Young

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Amy Joshi

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